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Category: 13th Pennsylvania Regiment

Keller, Frederick

I am a descendent of Frederick Keller who served in the state of Pennsylvania in the company commanded by Captain Abraham DeHuff of the 13th regiment then commanded by Colonel Atlee and that was afterward commanded by Colonel Walter Stewart (Pennsyvania Regiment). Frederick Keller was dismissed January of 1778, being in the battle of Long Island, of Brandywine and of Germantown. He served 20 months. He died Feb 22,1847, at the age of eighty. My mother Mamie is the daughter of Oraline and David Smith. Oraline was the daughter of Jacob Keller and Matilda (Frank) Keller.

Sandra Grogan

Hoff, Johan Jacob

I have read that my grandfather, Johan Jacob Hoff, was a part of the Battle of Brandywine. The details I have: AKA Huff, Hove. Pensioned as Jacob Hoff 28 June 1820. Cert.# 17562, Files#539712, Pa Rifle Regiment 1776-1777, Regiment of Foot 1777, 13 Pa Regiment of the Continental Line 1777 under Col. Walter Stewart, Wintered at Valley Forge under George Washington.

Keith A. McKain, National Association of GeoScience Teachers

Finley, Joseph Lewis

This comes from DAR records and National Archives Records when he applied for and received his pension in 1818. His name: Joseph Lewis Finley. Born February 20, 1753 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Lived in Fagg’s Manor, Pennsylvania, quite near the Battlefield. In 1776 he was in Captain Andrew Long’s Company commanded by Col. Samuel Miles Pennsylvania Rifles, Second Lieutenant. October 24, 1776 put in the “Continental establishment” in Captain Marshall’s Company in the 13th PA regiment commanded by Col. Walter Stewart. Transferred to 8th PA regiment commanded by Col. Daniel Brodhead by Commission of Captain to take rank from October 20, 1777 later major in 2nd, 8th and 13th Pennsylvania Line. He also fought in the battles of Long Island, White Plains, Germantown and Monmouth. On July 4, 1782 in York, Pennsylvania. He died in Ohio and this is where he is buried.

Maureen Finley Slivka
Relationship: great, great, great grandfather