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Soldier surnames starting with the letter B.

Barney, John

My 5Ggrandad, John Barney, fought with British at Brandywine, and was captured there. He signed an Oath. He was in New Jersey and moved to Bedford County with Hendershot family.

Burroughs, John

Dave McCann says:
July 8, 2011 at 2:58 pm Edit

I have an ancestor to add. John Burroughs (1754-1842) was a private in the Continental Army for seven years throughout the Revolutionary War. He fought at the Battle of Brandywine in the 3rd New Jersey Regiment under Capt./Maj. Joseph Bloomfield. Bloomfield was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine and John Burroughs accompanied him until they were able to rejoin the Regiment at Valley Forge for the Winter of 1777-1778. John Burroughs received an honorable discharge signed by General George Washington.

Browne, William

I hope this finds you well. I’m not sure if you’re still posting names, but my brother has been researching family history and apparently our ancestor, William Browne, father of the silversmith and later Philadelphia county treasurer, Liberty Browne, died fighting at Brandywine, I think right at Chadds Ford. His son, Liberty, had been born on July 4th, 1776.


Michael Graham


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Buzan, John

Jerry Buzan said,

on July 6th, 2012 at 7:18 am

John Buzan enlisted in Capt. Andrew Waggoner’s company of the 12th Virginia Line on the 12th of August 1776. He fought in the Battles of Brandywine, Paoli, and Germantown. He was discharged from the service on 10 April 1778 at Valley Forge, PA.

Brown, Robert & Mathew

I found in my grandmother’s family tree papers, a note that my great great……grandfather “Robert Brown” fought in the battle of Brandywine at the age of 13 along with his father Mathew Brown. What I am interested in is finding documents to confirm this, but have been unable to locate anything online. Can you give me any recommendations as to where I might find any leads?

Alan R. Brown

Brockman, Thomas

Pvt. Thomas Brockman of Albemarle County, Virginia, served under Capt. Marks in the 14th (later renamed the 10th) Virginia Infantry Regiment in the Continental Line at Brandywine. Pvt. Brockman served in the unit from 1776 to 1779, when he was discharged, returned home, and married a neighbor Frances Shelton. He moved to Kentucky ca. 1783, and served as an officer in the Madison County, KY, Militia under Governor Garrard in the 1790s. He later moved to Montgomery Co, Illinois, to live with his grandson Samuel, and died there in 1838. He is listed as Thomas Breckman in the book Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois.

Paul R. Brockman
Relationship: his great-great-great-great grandson

Black, Thomas

Black, Thomas Col.  According to family tradition, he was an aide to General Washington.  He was also in the boat with the General during the crossing of the Delaware.

Lucy Mossburg Bellville

Bishop, Thomas

Thomas Bishop was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md. in 1709, married Elizabeth Barber May 25,1730, in Anne Arundel Co, Md.  he was a private in a company designated at various times as Capr Marquis Calmes Company. and Capt Yhos Catletts company and 2nd Virginia Regt but Col Alex Spotawood and Col Christion Febiger, He enlisted Sept 17, 1776, for the war and was discharged April 25, 1779, according to Adj-Generals Office War dept, Washington, D.C.

Guy Nicholson

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