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To add a soldier please go to the “Add Your Soldier” page. Please do not ask me about individual soldiers as I have no information beyond what is on the site. Try to contact the person who submitted the soldier’s name or leave a comment for the particular soldier you are interested in.

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  1. Jean-Joseph Sourbader deGimat, and Chevalier Morel de La Colombe were also in the battle, according to Harlow Giles Unger in his book “Lafayette”.

  2. This is a great undertaking and is well deserved by those soldiers. I will keep my eyes open and will provide any information that I come across.

  3. Hey karen i just would like to tell everyone that reads this…i found A rock thay has john nair printed on it n says john nair ran from the battle of brandywine in1747. I was just amazed by it but i couldnt find if he was a true solider, if any one knows anythinf about him please comment on this or contact me at

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