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Mentzer, Japhet

Tina Wood said,

on February 26th, 2018 at 10:15 pm

My gggg grandfather Japhet Mentzer was in the Battle of Brandywine and he was at Valley Forge. He was born in Southern Germany.

Martin, Reuben

Danelle Simonelli said,

on March 4th, 2013 at 1:50 pm

My 4x great grandfather, Reuben Martin, served as a private in the Sussex County, New Jersey militia. He served four six-month enlistments during the fighting seasons of 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780. He participated in the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown, and was wounded in the right leg at Germantown. His pension documents detailing this service can be found on the military records website

McCormick, George

I didn’t find my ancestor on your list, so here is his information, plus the names of the colonels he served under, in case you are still adding names to the site. Thanks. Eileen Lloyd

Captain George McCormick served at the Battle of Brandywine in Colonel William Crawford’s Virginia Regiment. He served as Captain at the battle of Germantown in Colonel William Russell’s Virginia regiment. George McCormick’s DAR record says that he served in the Virginia 13th Regiment under Colonels Crawford and Russell.

Musgrave, Samuel Davies

Musgrave, Samuel Davies – was born in Lancaster Co. Pa in 1747 and married Elizabeth Brand on 10 Sept 1767. During the Rev. War Samuel served in Capt. Patrick Jack’s company. He also served in Capt. Crawford’s Company and Col. Irvine’s regiment. Samuel was also at the Battle of Brandywine. He died in Warrick County, Indiana on Sept 2, 1834.

Richard Lewis
Sugar Land, Texas

Munn, Calvin

While searching online for the first name of my MUNN ancestor, I found Calvin MUNN at: Brattleboro History Scrapbook – “Independence Day 1845”. As a Revolutionary War veteran, CALVIN MUNN attended an Independence Day celebration in 1845 at Brattleboro, VT. He was introduced as: “CALVIN MUNN, of Dummerston, [Windham Co., VT] last not least, is finishing up his 85th year. He was one of Lafayette’s infantry. He was at Brandywine, at Monmouth, at Trenton, and at several other fields, but I especially name him last because he was at the closing scene at York Town.”

Karen Mohr

Morrison, Andrew

Joe Morrison said,

on August 5th, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Andrew Morrison was my gggg grandfather and served in Captain John Chilton’s company, 3rd Virginia Regiment. He and Captain Chilton were neighbors in Virginia and both were killed on 11 September 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine.

Morrison, Samuel, Jr.

Morrison, Samuel, Jr. served in the Revolutionary War as a Wagon Master and was wounded Sept 11, 1777, in the Battle of Brandywine. Samuel Morrison, Jr., born January 7, 1756 in Bucks County, PA was the son of Samuel Morrison and Mercy Mayse and the older brother of Ephraim Morrison. The information on Samuel Morrison, Jr. is taken from the autobiography of his nephew, Thomas Morrison, son of Ephraim Morrison, grandson of Samuel Morrison and Mercy Mayse. Samuel Morrison, Jr. died May 7, 1811 in Miami County, Ohio.

Diana Lynn Morrison Jones

Morrison, Ephraim

I am Diana Lynn Morrison Jones. I would like to submit the name of my 4th great grandfather, Ephraim Morrison, to the list of soldiers who fought at The Battle of Brandywine. I am requesting his name be added to the list because according to the written account of his son, Thomas Morrison, who states that his father, Ephraim not only fought in the battle, he was also wounded. The account is listed in “A History of Thomas Morrison” a handwritten autobiography of Thomas Morrison where Thomas states that “my father, Ephriam, the 9th born child of Samuel Morrison and Mercy Mayse, was born in Bucks County Pa. June 5th, 1759 and was the twin of the 10th born child, Jonah. Ephriam, my father, was five feet nine inches in height, weighed 175 pounds, fair complexion, brown hair, blue-grey eyes and Roman nose. He served in the Revolutionary Army and was wounded in the battle of Brandywine Sept 11th A.D. 1777. Was married to my mother, Mrs. Nancy Hettick (whose maiden name was Foster) July A.D. 1787.”

“Ephraim Morrison is listed as a Private in the War of Independence, wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. Ephraim Morrison appears on the list as a private in Capt. Samuels Evans’ Company, London Brittain Company, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Associates & Militia. (Penn. Archives shows him wounded at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania. Vol 5, page 525; Fifth Series Archives. Verified by D.A.R. National Number #262581). NOTE: The above paragraph is listed in the October 1976 research of Mary Helen Morrison Haag in the Montgomery County Library, Dayton, Ohio. Mary Helen Morrison Haag (now deceased) was the 3rd great granddaughter of Ephraim Morrison.

We also know from “A History of Thomas Morrison” that his father, Samuel Morrison and four sons, James, William, John and Ephraim all served and fought in our American Revolutionary War.

Diana Lynn Morrison Jones

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