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“The 13th Virginia Regiment was authorized on 16 September 1776 by the Continental Congress for service with the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. The unit was organized on 12 February 1777 at Fort Pitt in present-day western Pennsylvania to consist of nine companies of troops from the far-western Virginia counties (now parts of West Virginia and western Pennsylvania). The regiment saw action in the Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, and the Battle of Monmouth. On 24 May 1778 the unit was assigned to the Western Department, and on 12 May 1779 it was reorganized and redesignated as the 9th Virginia Regiment. It was again reorganized and redesignated as the 7th Virginia Regiment on 1 January 1781 to consist of two companies. The regiment was disbanded at Fort Pitt on 1 January 1783.” (From

McCormick, George

I didn’t find my ancestor on your list, so here is his information, plus the names of the colonels he served under, in case you are still adding names to the site. Thanks. Eileen Lloyd

Captain George McCormick served at the Battle of Brandywine in Colonel William Crawford’s Virginia Regiment. He served as Captain at the battle of Germantown in Colonel William Russell’s Virginia regiment. George McCormick’s DAR record says that he served in the Virginia 13th Regiment under Colonels Crawford and Russell.

Neal, James

Captain James Neal of the 13th Virginia [later the 9th Va].  Served under Generals Green, Muhlenburg, Col. Russell.  Fought at White Plains, Brandywine and Germantown. First settler of Wood County VA/WV, Parkersburg area.


Rick Vance

Harrison, Benjamin

My wife’s gggggrandfather fought at the Battle of Brandywine. His name was Capt. Benjamin Harrison of VA. He was with the 13th VA.

Scott Keith
Relationship: My wife’s gggggrandfather