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Harrison, Benjamin

My wife’s gggggrandfather fought at the Battle of Brandywine. His name was Capt. Benjamin Harrison of VA. He was with the 13th VA.

Scott Keith
Relationship: My wife’s gggggrandfather

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  1. I wonder if Benjmain Harrison so noted is not the same person of Benjamin Harris? Benjamin Harris went to Jonesborough, land of Franklin, after war like many revolutionary soldiers. Records showed he he served 1/1/1777 to 8/1/1780, fought at Bradywine in 9th Penn., at Germantown in frontal assault, and at Whitemarsh. DAR has recognized him and a DAR stone is at his buriel plot in Jonesborough. It could be there was a Benjamin Harrison and Benjamin Harris, but name spelling variations are quite common back then. Is name Harrison verifiable? If so, I need to add Benjamin Harris to list.

  2. Thanks, since my gggggrandfather was in 9th Pennsylvania regiment, was not a captain, so it’s not the same person for sure.

  3. I believe this is the same Benjamin Harrison who is my ggggggrandfather. Here is what I know about him from a family tree put together by my mother and grandfather:
    He was a Captain in the Revolutionary war and fought in the Battle of Brandywine and spent the winter at Valley Forge. He was then sent to Fort Pitt, where he was a Major, possibly commanding the fort. He then went down the Ohio River and staked out claims in what is now Harrison County Kentucky, named after him.

    He had a daughter Katherine Harrison, who married Andrew Miller, the son of a conscripted Hessian Soldier who fought with the British, and a lawyer working with Benjamin Harrison to settle some claims in Missouri. They settled in Quincy, IL.

    According to stories passed down through our family, Benjamin Harrison’s family came to the US from Cambridge, England and were originally from Northumberland. A family member apparently signed the death warrant for Charles I of England, and when Charles II regained the throne, they fled to America.

    I hope this helps your research.

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