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Brockman, Thomas

Pvt. Thomas Brockman of Albemarle County, Virginia, served under Capt. Marks in the 14th (later renamed the 10th) Virginia Infantry Regiment in the Continental Line at Brandywine. Pvt. Brockman served in the unit from 1776 to 1779, when he was discharged, returned home, and married a neighbor Frances Shelton. He moved to Kentucky ca. 1783, and served as an officer in the Madison County, KY, Militia under Governor Garrard in the 1790s. He later moved to Montgomery Co, Illinois, to live with his grandson Samuel, and died there in 1838. He is listed as Thomas Breckman in the book Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois.

Paul R. Brockman
Relationship: his great-great-great-great grandson

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