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Carrel, George

George Carrel was in the regiment of Colonel Gumby of the Maryland line for the term of 3 years. Pension record 8230. Enlisted Dec 6, 1776 and joined the company commanded by Capt Williams afterwards commanded by Capt Jonathan Morris and in the regiment commanded by John Gumby in the Maryland Line and served as a private soldier 3 years against the common enemy under the Continental establishment. Regularlry discharged. Local histories mentioned that he was a survivor at the battle of Brandywine. I am his gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-grandaughter, my mother being Mary A Carrel Smith. I had the priviledge to visit the battlefield last October. What a thrill to be where he had been 222 years earlier. I have also visited the place where he is buried in Jackson twp, Morgan Co Ohio. His son came here to Illinois about 1850.

Nancy Smith Caton

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  1. My name was Caton it is now Nancy Smith Shaner or Nancy Jane Shaner. Please contact me if you are researching George Carrel/Carroll.

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