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Glendy, William

Glendy, William, Private in the eighth Pennsylvania regiment under Colonel E. McCoy in a company commanded by Capt. Eli Myars(?). He enlisted August 7, 1776 in Westmoreland County, and was discharged by Colonel Byard in Pittsburgh August 7, 1779. He was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown, and Paoli, and several other skirmishes. At Germantown he received a severe wound to the neck with the ball never extracted. His discharge papers had been put in the hands of a member of the Pa. state legislature for help in securing a pension, but after several years with no reply they were given up as lost. In desperation, he went before associate judge David Drennan of the court of common pleas in Beaver Co., Pa to tell his story, with Robert Moore a member of Congress also vouching as to its authenticity. His pension of $8 a month was finally granted on February 8, 1819.

Marlys Matthews
Relationship: gr,gr,gr,gr granddaughter

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