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Huff, William

William Huff, my third great grandfather was present at the Battle of Brandywine. It is probable that William’s first experience in the service of his country was in 1776 when, at the age of fourteen, a William Huff, presumed to have been our William, joined the Bedford County Rangers under Thomas Paxton. Then, as a lad of 15, and with the Western Pennsylvania Regiment, he took part as a fifer in the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Here he had the unique but hazardous experience of having his fife cut almost in two by a blow from a British officer’s sabre. (The records show that William Huff, Bedford County Rangers, Captain Thomas Paxton, drew 59 days pay, September 12-November 10, 1776. Vol 5 Ser 5 pg 52.)

Some of our historical information comes from the book “Hough and Huff Families in England and America” by Earl Phineas Huff, on microfilm at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Film #1405155, pages 159-165. Original manuscript in the Library of Congress.

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Relationship: my third great grandfather

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