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Locke, John

I came across your site while researching my (5) Great Grandfather John Lock. He was at the Battle of Brandywine according to a history book in the town where he settled after the war. (Lewisburg Ohio). He is buried at Roselawn Cemetery in Lewisburg.

I have the following info: He joined the Maryland Flying Camps July 1 1776 at 21 yrs of age, and just after Brandywine (where he is alleged to have suffered a bad wound) he was moved into the 8th VA regiment under Capt Jonathon Clark. In April 1778 he was made a Corporal. He was in and out of different regiments and under various commands as men were dying often. He fought all the way to Yorktown and resigned as a Captain in the 29th Regiment MD in 1811. He died in 1818. I also have a copy of his will and an inventory of all his belongings at the time.

Yours Truly,
Kevin E Locke
Son of the American Revolution

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