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Payton, Jacob

Jacob Payton was my gggrandfather. Heroes of 1812 p 146-7 Nebr. Soc. dau. of 1812: It was family tradition that Jacob and William Payton’s father [my ggggrandfather Payton, whose first name is unknown] was present in the battle of the Brandywine. It was presumed his people were early arrivals in Virgina. The family crossed the Ohio River from Bourbon Co. Ky. and other members of the family reached S.W., Ohio where they grew up. Jacob and William [Payton] enlisted in 1812. After the War, they located in Indiana. (Note: I have been told that the contributor of this article was a Mabel Kimble who ultimately was trying to get bounty land for William Payton’s service in the War of 1812.) Jacob Payton b 1787’s d 12/10/1876 Woodhull, IL obituary states “When quite young, his parents moved to Hamilton Co. Ohio. His father died, when he was 5 or 6. From that time he was left to struggle up to manhood alone.

The computer data base at Valley Forge lists a Reubin Payton VA 1st Dragoons; VA 28974, Pvt. Col. Theobald, support brigade to cavalry. He is the only Payton listed at Valley Forge. It is my understanding that after the Battle of the Brandywine, the army went to Valley Forge. It may be likely
therefore that my ggggrandfather was at Valley Forge. I have no evidence that my ggggrandfather might be this Reubin Payton.

Sheila Anastas

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  1. Hi Sheila, We have the same relatives. If you could contact me, I would appreciate it. Thanks Robert

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