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Soldier surnames starting with the letter H.

Holyfield, Daniel

I am a direct descendant of a soldier who fought at Brandywine Battlefield on Sept. 11, 1777. His name was Daniel Holyfield, but his last name is spelled on his Feb.1777 pay record as mine is now, which is Holifield. I don’t believe he knew how to write, so the spelling of his last name was at the discretion of the writer of the record. He was a private and was paid about 16 dollars a year. The average wage for a farmer, which he was, was 18 dollars a year at the time. He enlisted in Loudoun County,Virginia in Feb. 1776 in Capt. Charles West’s Rifle company, which was the 3rd Company of the 3rd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line and seemed to live at his Grandfather’s Valentine Holyfield’s farm in Goose Creek. He was born in either 1753 or 1757 which would make him either 24 or 20 years old when he fought there at Brandywine Creek. He survied the battle and the Revolutionary War and apparently finnished a 2 year enlistment which would have ended in Feb. 1778 at Valley Forge. The previous battles of the 3rd Virginia Regiment were,”Harlem Heights-Sept.16,1776;Trenton-Dec.25-26,1776″. He married in 1778 to a woman by the name of Mary Pye and had some 8 children. He went on to acquire land grants as a benefit of the U.S. government for his service. The Land grants were in North Carolina,Georgia & Alabama and totaled over 800 acres. He last settled in a new county called Sumter,Alabama established in 1832 in a town called Belmont. The land he last acquired in a land grant there in Belmont,Alabama still has the log cabin that he lived in with his daughter Jemima & her husband Caldwell Estes. Today it is privately owned and rented out for hunting and used on weekends by family & friends of the present owner’s. He last attended and is buried at Old Belmont Church, which was then a Methodist Church. It is still used today and the town is still very small with only one stop sign, two families mainly and one telephone number listed in the directory for Belmont. He died on Oct.11,1834 there in the log cabin he lived in just 2 years after moving there. His headstone reads in part “Daniel Holyfield, Aged about 78 years which would put his birth at about 1756. I am the 6th generation descended from Daniel Holyfield/Holifield through his son,Willis, then Wiley H. Holifield, then Wiley Henry Holifield, then Herbert Joseph Holifield, then James Edward Holifield and my name is James Alan Holifield.

James A. Holifield
Pensacola, Florida

Hoff, Johan Jacob

I have read that my grandfather, Johan Jacob Hoff, was a part of the Battle of Brandywine. The details I have: AKA Huff, Hove. Pensioned as Jacob Hoff 28 June 1820. Cert.# 17562, Files#539712, Pa Rifle Regiment 1776-1777, Regiment of Foot 1777, 13 Pa Regiment of the Continental Line 1777 under Col. Walter Stewart, Wintered at Valley Forge under George Washington.

Keith A. McKain, National Association of GeoScience Teachers

Hixson, Timothy

I am researching my GGGGG Grandfather – Timothy Hixson of Loudoun County Virginia who served as a Captain during the Rev. War and I believe that he served at Brandywine.

Tom Hickson

Hawk, James

James Hawk was a member of the Pennsylvania Militia enlisting in August 1777. James served in Colonel William Evans’ Fourth Battalion. He also was present at Germantown and Redbanks with the Pennsylvania Line. He re-enlisted with the Virginia Line under Major Morgan and was at the Battle of Yorktown. James moved to Fayette County PA in the early 1800’s and received a pension for his service in 1830.

James Horton

Harrison, Benjamin

My wife’s gggggrandfather fought at the Battle of Brandywine. His name was Capt. Benjamin Harrison of VA. He was with the 13th VA.

Scott Keith
Relationship: My wife’s gggggrandfather

Hanks, Epiphroditus

My ggggr-grandfather Epiphroditus Hanks participated in this battle as well as Bunker Hill and York Town. He was 2nd cousin once removed of Abraham Lincoln.

Tommy J Moore, Gordonville, TX
Relationship: My ggggr-grandfather

Hampton, Andrew

I am a member of the Garland Family Research Association and a descendant of several Revolutionary War veterans on my late father’s side. I am directly descended from Colonel Andrew Hampton, an officer in the Rutherford County militia. Colonel Hampton’s grandson-in-law, William Gutridge Garland, was my grandfather six times removed. I am quoting directly from a GFRA article on the family:

“During the 1780s several Garlands moved to Washington County, NC/Tn. They were Gutdidge, Samuel, Joseph, Elisha, John, Jesse, and Humphrey all related, maybe brothers, half-brothers, or even cousins, or father and sons. John, Elisha, and Humphrey have Revolutionary War records, and all were at the Battle of Brandywine…Humphrey Garland was born in 1749 (Revolutionary War Pension of 1834 has 1732 as his birth date), probably died after 1834, because he was on the 1834 pensoion, maybe in Jonesboro, Washington County, TN. He enlisted in the Colonial Army May 1776 to January 1778 in the North Carolina Line of Taylor’s Company. He was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. He applied for his war pension from Jonesboro, TN in 1828.”

– Source Margaret Garland Timbs, GFRA Recording Secretary

William Gutridge Garland himself was not at Brandywine and family accounts have him as a member of the Rowan County militia.

Frank A. Willis

Howe, William

Major General William Howe arrived at Boston, on May 15, at the head of the 4,000 additional troops sent to General Thomas Gage. Gage’s orders were to clear the American Army and break their Siege of Boston. Howe’s plan was to take Cambridge, but the Americans fortified the high ground above the town.

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