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Elliott, George

George Elliott of Virginia fought and died at the Battle of Brandywine. His son, Thomas Elliott, served under General Frances Marion in South Carolina, after the death of his father. Thomas Elliott became an aide-de-camp to General Marion. An old letter reads as follows:

“Glenmora, La.

August 1, 1914
Mrs. Alice C. Morrow,

Ruston, La.

Dear Cousin Alice:
Your most highly appreciated letter reached me some time since and would have been answered sooner, but I failed to get hold of a paper except the one I had which contained my Mother’s obituary, so I took the copy I had and sent it to our town paper and had about fifty copies printed and I am sending you a few copies as I promised.

Most of the family history is from tradition, handed down from one generation to the next. Yet it is true.

Now, our great grandfather, Thomas Elliot, killed two Tories after his father (George Elliott) and brother’s deaths at Brandywine because they abused his mother and sisters by taking their feather beds out of the house, cutting the ticking open and letting the feathers fly off in the wind, and this is what caused him to leave Virginia and go to South Carolina with General Francis Marion, though only a boy sixteen years old.

Dear Cousin, I am trying to get my children to keep a record of their family history, and have given each of them a copy of what I send you.

As to the essay that dear Mother wrote in August, 1836, the printer got the last part of it a little wrong in specifying as Elihu Robinson. It should have said also the principal of Spring Hill Academy, which he was at that time.

Now, Dear Cousin, I am called to visit a patient and shall have to close this short letter. Give my kindest regards to Eva and Mr. Gill.

Hoping you will visit us some time in the near future. I beg to remain,

Your cousin,


J. T. Phillips”

An article appeared in the January 1778 issue of the Virginia Gazette at Williamsburg, Virginia, that read as follows: ““George Elliott, Robert Gilles, William Lyons, William Francis, jun. draughts for York county, failing to appear at the time appointed, I hereby offer a reward of twenty dollars for each of them, being delivered up to the commanding officer in Williamsburg.

AUGUSTINE TABB, Lieut. State Regt.”

George Elliott was being sought, but had died at the Battle of Brandywine. If records were kept by General George Washington of the patriots who fought and died at the Battle of Brandywine, they have never surfaced.

Alice Morrow descends from George Elliott as follows: GEORGE ELLIOTT (b: ca. 1709 d: 1777)>THOMAS ELLIOTT (b: 1761 d: 1805) & Elizabeth Mayers>WILLIAM DAVID ELLIOTT (b: 1 February 1795 in Warren County, GA d: 30 January 1865 in Rapides Parish, LA) & Elizabeth Jane Andrews (b: 17 August1800 d: 17 August 1866 in Rapides Parish, LA)>MARY ANN ELLIOTT (b: 14 June 1826 in Rapides Parish, LA d: 14 Aug 1890 in Rapides Parish, LA) & Rev. William Daniel Godwin (b: 1824 in LA d: 30 Dec 1907 in Rapides Parish, LA )> ALICE C. GODWIN MORROW (b: 30 April 1849 in LA d: 8 June 1919 ) & Edwin Morrow (b: 16 September 1846 d: 15 October 1890).


David Couch

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  1. Dr. James Thompson Phillips b. 1860 d.1920
    He married Ada Edith Calhoun, b. 1869, d. 1953.
    Was older brother to my Great-Great Grandfather Benjamin Franklin Phillips born 1863 d. 1897. Ben Married Ida Calhoun

    Thanks for putting this online. It is much appreciated.

    J Bolton Phillips

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