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Longbrake, Daniel

My 5th great grandfather Daniel Longbrake or Lambright or Lamprecht (he went by Longbrake) fought in the battle of Brandywine.

I have 7 separate documents listing Daniel as a veteran of the Revolutionary war. Daniel was a Private of Bucks County, Substitute, 2nd Class, in the Pennsylvania Militia. Daniel served as a rifleman during his service.

Daniel stated in his pension of 1832 “That he was drafted again and marched to Brandywine under the command of Captian David Millinger and he thinks the Lt. was Andrew Keesling. He was marched to Brandywine and placed in a regiment commanded by Colonel Pearce in a detachment commanded by General Winecroft”.

Also in my family tree a unknown CROW, brother of Abraham Crow was killed in Brandywine. He was also from Bucks or Berks County PA.

Craig Campbell
Relationship: My 5th great grandfather

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