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Lowry, Alexander

I am a descendant of Col. Alexander Lowry, Lancaster PA Militia, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade under General James Irvine and served under Armstrong. I am attaching some indication of his service.
The Pennsylvania Milita in 1777 by Hannah Benner Roach, Reprinted from The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volume XXIII, Number 3, 1964.
Page 183, Field Officers, Lancaster County Battalions, Third Battalion: Col. Alexander Lowry; Lt. Col. James Cunningham; Major Jacob Cooke
Page 184, Return of 3rd Class, Lancaster County, Commanded by Colonel Alexander Lowry at Chester, 28 August 1777
Page 186, General Return of Pennsylvania Militia at Wilmington, 1 September 1777, Lancaster, Col. Alexander Lowry, 116 Fit, 141 Total [3rd Class], 4 Capts, 7lts., 10 sick, 15 on command, 2 deserters [to 2nd Brigade], (served under Armstrong).
Page 188, Return of Pennsylvania Militia, 6 September 1777, Irvine’s Brigade, Lancaster, Col. Lowry, 90 Fit, 175 Total, [3rd Class], 4 capts., 7 lts., 12 sick, 69 on command, 2 deserters
Pages 195-196, Return of Second Brigade under General James Irvine, Encamped near Trap, Providence Twp., 29 September 1777, Lancaster, Col. Lowry, 124 Fit, 169 Total, [3rd Class], 4 capts., 8 lts., 13 sick, 9 on command, 14 deserters
Page 198, Return of Second Brigade under General James Irvine, Trappe, 1 October 1777, Lancaster, Col. Lowry, 112 Fit, 134 Total, [3rd Class], 3 capts., 7 lts., 13 sick, 7 on command, 2 deserters, 1 lt. col. and 1 capt. on furlough.


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