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McLaran, John

His son Charles McLaran, joined the SOSAR in 1891 at the age of 83 and he states his father, John McLaran, was a private in the Maryland Division of the Continental Army and that he fought and was wounded in his foot during the Battle of Brandywine. That his father John McLaran was born in 1760 in Baltimore, MD died in St Mary’s, Georgia, in 1820 and as a results of the wound received during the battle he was lame the rest of his life.

McLaran, John. Well, I think I am a a descendent of a man who fought at the Battle of Brandywine. Our oral history said that my great grandfather 6 or 7 generation back, fought and lost his leg in the battle. His name was John McLaran, who was born in Scotland in 1740.

Sara Ann McLaran Necessary

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