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Montgomery, Hugh

Here is an 1819 pension petition of Hugh Montgomery (b.25 FEB 1755; d. 20 MAY 1830) that details his Revolutionary War service, including Brandywine. He enlisted 12 February 1777 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a private in the company commanded by Captain James Sullivan in the regiment of Colonel Russell. He served at Trenton 1777, Brandywine 1777, Germantown 1777, Valley Forge 1777-78. He then served until April 1780 around Pittsburgh in campaigns against the Indians and building Fort Lawrence and Fort MacIntosh.

[from Katie Jablonicky]
State of Ohio, Butler County
Before the subscriber Robert Tailor, an Associate Judge of the court of
common pleas for the seventh circuit in the State of Ohio and county of Butler, personally appeared Hugh Montgomery on the first day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the late act of Congress entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War–that he will be sixty four years old the twenty fifth day of this month, that on the twelfth day of February AD seventeen hundred and seventy seven at Pittsburgh in the State of Pennsylvania he enlisted as a private soldier in the company commanded by Capt. James Sullivan in the regiment of Col. Russell in the Virginia line, he marched to Philadelphia and from there to a place called the Cross-roads near Trenton, New Jersey but on the opposite side of the river where he joined a division of the army commanded by General Greene. He then marched to the head of Elk river in Maryland state and from there to Brandywine Creek, he was present at and took part in the Battle of Brandywine, and from there he marched to Germantown and was there engaged in a battle against the British in which he was twice injured, from there he marched to the White Marsh or Valley Forge in the State of Pennsylvania where he continued until next season. He then marched to Pittsburgh Pa where he was placed under the command of Col. Broadhead and went against the Indians on the Allegany river from thence he returned to Pittsburgh again and was then placed under the command of general MacIntosh and marched to the Muskingum River and was engaged in building Fort Lawrence and Fort MacIntosh the latter at the mouth of big Beaver river he was then employed in scouting parties in the vicinity of Pittsburgh until the nineteenth of April AD 1780 when & where he was honorably discharged by Col John Gibson which discharge he has since accidently lost in the Ohio river. The said Hugh Montgomery further states that he is now a resident of the county of Butler in State of Ohio and that from his reduced circumstances in life he stands in need of the assistance of his country for support and that he now has no other evidence in his possession of having performed said services or any part thereof except the annexed affidavit of John Phillips sworn to and subscribed the day and year above written.
Hugh Montgomery [His Signature]


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