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Randolph, Henry

Taken from the Randolph family file, Kentucky Historical Society:

Shelby County Kentucky, September 28th, 1819

Age 68. That he, the said Henry Randolph, enlisted in Red Stone settlement [Fayette Co.] in the state of Pennsylvania in the month of August 1776, in the company commanded by Captain John Wilson of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment, the commanded by Col. McCoy; that he continued to serve in said regiment as corp. and in the service at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania by col. [Daniel] Broadhead, the then commander of said regiment; that he was in the battle of Brandywine and Germantown and a number of skirmishes during his term of services. He says in an amended declaration, that Col. McCoy died at Trenton. He has proved his services by oaths from Peter Young and Thomas Montgomery of Helson County Kentucky, who served in his same regiment. He has a wife and two children living with him, both boys, one near fifteen and one about 13. The soldier says he has always been known as Henry Randel since his infancy but believes his discharge was made out in the name of Randolph and not Randel. Both Peter Young and Thomas Montgomery say they knew this identical soldier while they were in the service of the Revolutionary War together and knew him then as Henry Randell, but since then he has always been called Randolph.

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