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Davis, Walter

Walter and his wife moved from Virginia to Ohio. He is honored there, in Jackson Co., Ohio, as Revolutionary War soldier.

My 5th great-grandfather, Walter Davis, fought in the Rev. War. I have all his war records and pension records.

Private WALTER DAVIS enlisted December 10, 1776 in the 10th Continental Regiment which was part of the 3rd Brigade’ (He was born in Virginia in 1754)

Jan- Dec 1777 He was with Captain Thomas West’s 10th Continental Virginia under Col. Edward Stevens

The 10th fought as part of Weedon’s 3rd Brigade under Nathaniel Greene’s division of Left Wing Continentals.

They fought in the Battle of Brandywine (just west of Philadelphia) on September 11, 1777 and also in the Battle of Germantown (just north of Philadelphia) on October 4, 1777.

Jan- March 1778 He was with Captain Thomas Wests’ 10th Virginia under Major Samuel Hawes

June 1778 He was with Captain Thomas West’s 10th Virginia under Captain John Green at Valley Forge

July- Sept 1778 He was with 10th Virginia at White Plains, NY. Sick in September

October 1778 He was with Captain James Williams 6th Virginia under Col. William Russell

Nov -Dec 1778 He was still with 6th Virginia under James Williams

On June 28th, 1778 George Washington and his army attacked British forces at Monmouth, New Jersey. Weedon’s Brigade fought as one of the 14 brigades in the main Army. After the Battle of Monmouth they moved on to White Plains, NY. where the 10th Virginia became part of the 6th Virginia on September 28, 1778.

Jan-March1779 He was with Captain James Williams 6th Virginia commanded by Col. John Greene at Camp Middlebrook

On 30 day furlough until April then transferred to a different unit.

April 1779 He was with Lt. Thomas Pearson’s 6th Virginia, commanded by Col. John Greene at Camp Middlebrook

May – Sept 1779 He re-enlisted for duration of the War. Now with Captain Nathan Lamme’s 6th Virginia – commanded by Col. John Greene at Smith’s Clove . Sick at Middlebrooke May to June

Oct-Nov 1779 Lamme’s 6th Virginia – Camp Haverstraw

December 1779 Lamme’s 6th Virginia, – Camp Morristown, NJ

-Betty Larsen Berentson

McCormick, George

I didn’t find my ancestor on your list, so here is his information, plus the names of the colonels he served under, in case you are still adding names to the site. Thanks. Eileen Lloyd

Captain George McCormick served at the Battle of Brandywine in Colonel William Crawford’s Virginia Regiment. He served as Captain at the battle of Germantown in Colonel William Russell’s Virginia regiment. George McCormick’s DAR record says that he served in the Virginia 13th Regiment under Colonels Crawford and Russell.

Sexton, Archibald

John Sexton of Virginia when filing for his dead brother Archibald Sexton who died at Brandywine states that he was part of general Anthony Wayne’s troops at Stony Point. John was at Valley Forge, Germantown, Brandywine, and Princeton. He later fought at the battle of Guilford Court house with North Carolina militia.

Ray Williams

Wells, James

Jesse Bates said,

on April 11th, 2012 at 5:50 am

My ggggg grandfather, James Wells, was at the battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Maramouth. Was wounded at Brandywine. I have his court petition for his pension from 1819. It states that he joined in December of 1776 in Fredricksburg, Virginia. He was in the 14th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Charles Lewis and in Captain Edward Garland’s Company. He was enlisted for 3 years and discharged in 1779. The battles mentioned were also stated in the petition. James Wells was born 1760 in Virginia and died 15 Jun 1841 in Breckenridge County, Kentucky.

Crookshanks, John

A long time ago I obtained a copy of the military records of John Crookshanks for his time of service during the Revolutionary War. Thought you would enjoy knowing that he spent the winter with Washington at Valley Forge. He was in the battles of Georgetown, Germantown, Brandywine, participated in the Christmas attack which routed the Hessens, then marched on up to White Plains, NY before heading south to North Carolina where he was wounded during the battle for Guilford Courthouse (now Greensboro). The wound left him crippled in the knee, a token of sacrifice shared by many who have given so much.

John Crookshanks Revolutionary War Muster Roll
John Crookshanks Revolutionary War Muster Roll

Submitted by Ron Cruikshank

Elliott, George

George Elliott of Virginia fought and died at the Battle of Brandywine. His son, Thomas Elliott, served under General Frances Marion in South Carolina, after the death of his father. Thomas Elliott became an aide-de-camp to General Marion. An old letter reads as follows:

“Glenmora, La.

August 1, 1914
Mrs. Alice C. Morrow,

Ruston, La.

Dear Cousin Alice:
Your most highly appreciated letter reached me some time since and would have been answered sooner, but I failed to get hold of a paper except the one I had which contained my Mother’s obituary, so I took the copy I had and sent it to our town paper and had about fifty copies printed and I am sending you a few copies as I promised.

Most of the family history is from tradition, handed down from one generation to the next. Yet it is true.

Now, our great grandfather, Thomas Elliot, killed two Tories after his father (George Elliott) and brother’s deaths at Brandywine because they abused his mother and sisters by taking their feather beds out of the house, cutting the ticking open and letting the feathers fly off in the wind, and this is what caused him to leave Virginia and go to South Carolina with General Francis Marion, though only a boy sixteen years old.

Dear Cousin, I am trying to get my children to keep a record of their family history, and have given each of them a copy of what I send you.

As to the essay that dear Mother wrote in August, 1836, the printer got the last part of it a little wrong in specifying as Elihu Robinson. It should have said also the principal of Spring Hill Academy, which he was at that time.

Now, Dear Cousin, I am called to visit a patient and shall have to close this short letter. Give my kindest regards to Eva and Mr. Gill.

Hoping you will visit us some time in the near future. I beg to remain,

Your cousin,


J. T. Phillips”

An article appeared in the January 1778 issue of the Virginia Gazette at Williamsburg, Virginia, that read as follows: ““George Elliott, Robert Gilles, William Lyons, William Francis, jun. draughts for York county, failing to appear at the time appointed, I hereby offer a reward of twenty dollars for each of them, being delivered up to the commanding officer in Williamsburg.

AUGUSTINE TABB, Lieut. State Regt.”

George Elliott was being sought, but had died at the Battle of Brandywine. If records were kept by General George Washington of the patriots who fought and died at the Battle of Brandywine, they have never surfaced.

Alice Morrow descends from George Elliott as follows: GEORGE ELLIOTT (b: ca. 1709 d: 1777)>THOMAS ELLIOTT (b: 1761 d: 1805) & Elizabeth Mayers>WILLIAM DAVID ELLIOTT (b: 1 February 1795 in Warren County, GA d: 30 January 1865 in Rapides Parish, LA) & Elizabeth Jane Andrews (b: 17 August1800 d: 17 August 1866 in Rapides Parish, LA)>MARY ANN ELLIOTT (b: 14 June 1826 in Rapides Parish, LA d: 14 Aug 1890 in Rapides Parish, LA) & Rev. William Daniel Godwin (b: 1824 in LA d: 30 Dec 1907 in Rapides Parish, LA )> ALICE C. GODWIN MORROW (b: 30 April 1849 in LA d: 8 June 1919 ) & Edwin Morrow (b: 16 September 1846 d: 15 October 1890).


David Couch

Payton, Jacob

Jacob Payton was my gggrandfather. Heroes of 1812 p 146-7 Nebr. Soc. dau. of 1812: It was family tradition that Jacob and William Payton’s father [my ggggrandfather Payton, whose first name is unknown] was present in the battle of the Brandywine. It was presumed his people were early arrivals in Virgina. The family crossed the Ohio River from Bourbon Co. Ky. and other members of the family reached S.W., Ohio where they grew up. Jacob and William [Payton] enlisted in 1812. After the War, they located in Indiana. (Note: I have been told that the contributor of this article was a Mabel Kimble who ultimately was trying to get bounty land for William Payton’s service in the War of 1812.) Jacob Payton b 1787’s d 12/10/1876 Woodhull, IL obituary states “When quite young, his parents moved to Hamilton Co. Ohio. His father died, when he was 5 or 6. From that time he was left to struggle up to manhood alone.

The computer data base at Valley Forge lists a Reubin Payton VA 1st Dragoons; VA 28974, Pvt. Col. Theobald, support brigade to cavalry. He is the only Payton listed at Valley Forge. It is my understanding that after the Battle of the Brandywine, the army went to Valley Forge. It may be likely
therefore that my ggggrandfather was at Valley Forge. I have no evidence that my ggggrandfather might be this Reubin Payton.

Sheila Anastas

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