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Norman, William

William Norman enlisted in the Virginia Continental Line on Feb. 1, 1776. He was assigned to Capt. George Stubblefield’s Company of the 5th VA Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Josuah Parker.  In June, 1776, he was transferred to Capt. Philip Richard Francis Lee’s Company of the 3rd VA Regiment, commanded by Col. Thomas Marshall.  His name last appears on the payroll records February 16, 1778.

William often told the story to his children and grandchildren of his trials of the War.  He said that he was standing near Gen. LaFayette when, after dismounting to rally the troops, the General was shot in the leg. This would place William near the top of the 2nd Colonial hilltop position retreating from the oncoming British and back up the small hill.  William was shot in both knees and crippled for life.  He was taken to Bennett Farm for treatment.  It has been passed down in the Norman family that LaFayette intervened in the amputation of William’s legs due to “the patient’s stubborn resistance to the surgeons…”  William Norman was listed on the muster roles as “absent and wounded” until February 1778.  His name last appears on the payroll February 16, 1778. No record could be found of his discharge. The British bullet and a piece of bone from William’s knee were kept in the Norman family for 150 years.  One of William’s gg-grandchildren remembers seeing them in his grandfather’s home in Hamburg, Arkansas.  William was known to celebrate the date of the battle every year with friends and grog.

Liz Nash

Neal, James

Captain James Neal of the 13th Virginia [later the 9th Va].  Served under Generals Green, Muhlenburg, Col. Russell.  Fought at White Plains, Brandywine and Germantown. First settler of Wood County VA/WV, Parkersburg area.


Rick Vance

Mitchell, Mark

MITCHEL(L),MARK was a private in the 10th Regiment of the Virginia Continental Line. He fought in the battle of Brandywine as well as in the battle of Monmouth and others and was with General Anthony Wayne at the storming of Stony Point. He was married to Mary Ryder in March of 1787 after his discharge and moved to Tennessee. He was my 4g-grandpa. I just returned from Tennessee where I was finally able to visit his gravesite. How I wish he could have come up, sat down, and talked for a spell.

Janet MITCHELL Aikin

Kelly, John

John Kelly enlisted 2 Feb 1777 as a private in Capt. Charles Porterfield’s Company, Col. Febiger’s 11th Virginia Regiment. He was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine and carried a bullet in his neck until he died. He was discharged 2 Feb 1780 and applied for a pension on 6 Jun 1818 at the age of 62. He is listed as one of the patriots of Muskingum Co. Ohio.

The first history of Preston County (done in the 1880’s) states that John Kelly lived in the county, then moved on to Muskingum Co., OH, about 1811 and lived to be 103 years old.

John Kelly is buried in Rich Hill Cemetery in Rich Hill Township, near Rix Mills Muskingum County, Ohio. His grave does have a Rev. War Marker.

Richard A. Vance
219 Travois Road, Louisville KY 40207

Horton, Robert

Robert Horton: December 26, 1751, Christened St. Sepulchre, London, London, England to Drayton and Ann Horton. Bet. 1769 – 1770, Robert Horton arrived in Am. as emigrant in Bondage aboard the Justitia. February 09, 1776, Enlisted with 3rd VA Regiment in Captain John Thornton’s Company. Bet. 1776 – 1778, Served in Battles of White Plains, York Island, Brandywine and Germantown. February 1778, Discharged at Valley Forge in PA. November 1778, Married Jaley Underwood. April 10, 1818, While resident of Culpeper County VA, he was allowed a pension at age 66. April 13, 1820, Died in Culpeper County VA. 1837, Jaley, wife of Robert Horton, was last “heard from” in an application for Robert’s pension filed from Falls Township, Muskingum County, Ohio. She possibly was living with one of their daughters, Mary (Mrs. Franklin) Anderson.

Randy Horton, rtjvhorton @

Horton, Robert. Drummer – 3rd Virginia Regiment, Captain John Thornton’s Company.

Holyfield, Daniel

I am a direct descendant of a soldier who fought at Brandywine Battlefield on Sept. 11, 1777. His name was Daniel Holyfield, but his last name is spelled on his Feb.1777 pay record as mine is now, which is Holifield. I don’t believe he knew how to write, so the spelling of his last name was at the discretion of the writer of the record. He was a private and was paid about 16 dollars a year. The average wage for a farmer, which he was, was 18 dollars a year at the time. He enlisted in Loudoun County,Virginia in Feb. 1776 in Capt. Charles West’s Rifle company, which was the 3rd Company of the 3rd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line and seemed to live at his Grandfather’s Valentine Holyfield’s farm in Goose Creek. He was born in either 1753 or 1757 which would make him either 24 or 20 years old when he fought there at Brandywine Creek. He survied the battle and the Revolutionary War and apparently finnished a 2 year enlistment which would have ended in Feb. 1778 at Valley Forge. The previous battles of the 3rd Virginia Regiment were,”Harlem Heights-Sept.16,1776;Trenton-Dec.25-26,1776″. He married in 1778 to a woman by the name of Mary Pye and had some 8 children. He went on to acquire land grants as a benefit of the U.S. government for his service. The Land grants were in North Carolina,Georgia & Alabama and totaled over 800 acres. He last settled in a new county called Sumter,Alabama established in 1832 in a town called Belmont. The land he last acquired in a land grant there in Belmont,Alabama still has the log cabin that he lived in with his daughter Jemima & her husband Caldwell Estes. Today it is privately owned and rented out for hunting and used on weekends by family & friends of the present owner’s. He last attended and is buried at Old Belmont Church, which was then a Methodist Church. It is still used today and the town is still very small with only one stop sign, two families mainly and one telephone number listed in the directory for Belmont. He died on Oct.11,1834 there in the log cabin he lived in just 2 years after moving there. His headstone reads in part “Daniel Holyfield, Aged about 78 years which would put his birth at about 1756. I am the 6th generation descended from Daniel Holyfield/Holifield through his son,Willis, then Wiley H. Holifield, then Wiley Henry Holifield, then Herbert Joseph Holifield, then James Edward Holifield and my name is James Alan Holifield.

James A. Holifield
Pensacola, Florida

Hawk, James

James Hawk was a member of the Pennsylvania Militia enlisting in August 1777. James served in Colonel William Evans’ Fourth Battalion. He also was present at Germantown and Redbanks with the Pennsylvania Line. He re-enlisted with the Virginia Line under Major Morgan and was at the Battle of Yorktown. James moved to Fayette County PA in the early 1800’s and received a pension for his service in 1830.

James Horton

Harrison, Benjamin

My wife’s gggggrandfather fought at the Battle of Brandywine. His name was Capt. Benjamin Harrison of VA. He was with the 13th VA.

Scott Keith
Relationship: My wife’s gggggrandfather

Garner, Joseph

My GG grandfather fought and was wounded at the battle of Brandywine. His name was Joseph Garner, and he was in Virginia Continental Line. I have quite a lot of documentation on this, including information on his burial site in Montgomery AL, which is on the register of historical places.

James Garner

Foddrell, Charles

Enlisted Leesburg VA. Served under Washington 3 years. My ancestor was with the 2nd Va Line. Enlisted at Leesburg 1776. Was discharged at Richmond in 1779. Was with Washington at Brandywine and Monmouth NJ. I don’t know what other battles he was in. Left the Army and moved into Patrick Co. He is buried somewhere there. Information came from soldiers retirement records in National Archives. Served in Capt. Cabels regiment.

Recorded under Rev Soldiers pensions in National Archives.

Marion E. Foddrill

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